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double-id Communication Agency in Brussels


To deliver top-class, persuasive communication solutions to businesses and associations,
with hard-hitting content and high-impact designs.


To become a key element of our clients' global communication strategies,
working with high-tech companies and international associations operating in France and Belgium.


Passion: We approach every task with the same ambition, inquisitiveness and enthusiasm, and offer a motivating and stimulating environment for employees and clients alike. Excellence: We strive to achieve the highest possible quality in our work, aiming to deliver targeted, hard-hitting and exciting solutions. Evolution: Our employees, clients and partners collaborate on creative, technology and cultural projects and, by doing so, help to drive the agency forward. Integrity: Our identity is inseparable from our values of self-awareness, consideration of others and respect for the environment. Together, these values create a climate of trust and optimism. Openness: We approach every task with a positive frame of mind and place great importance on creative freedom and integrity. Harmony: Our sensitive, empathetic approach ensures that we listen to and take account of all views and opinions, and deliver solutions that satisfy the broadest possible range of requirements.

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