The media revolution has changed the world. With the Internet, users have instant access to the information they need, whenever they need it. This has weakened the impact of traditional advertising, with informative articles, user reviews and other forums taking over the reins.

How should I convey my message? Who is my target audience? Which channel should I use and when? double-id, with more than 20 years of experience, works with you to find the right answers to these questions.

In Brussels, double-id specialises in European Associations and International Organisations.

double-id is the leading communication and design agency in the heart of Brussels and close to the EU Institutions.
We deliver innovative communication strategy and design services together with print and web solutions.
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Communications strategy & Concept development

Target analysis - Communications consultancy - Art direction - Copywriting - Graphic design - Communication development from a to z, from analysis to implementation

double-id develops the best way to address the target audience with a relevant message, via the right channels at the right moment. From the initial storytelling, to the image development, from the copywriting to the graphic design, we develop the best communication concept and the most effective communications strategy to put your company under the spotlight.

Content strategy & message development

Company strengths analysis - Target analysis - Industry analysis - Communications consultancy - Art direction - Copywriting - Graphic design - Communication development from a to z, from analysis to implementation

double-id tailors unique content and messaging to communicate the brand identity and corporate values and expertise at its best potential. This is synonymous of stand out in the market with a clear voice and attract the right target audience.

Graphic design (online & offline)

Online and offline graphic design concept and development - Powerful and creative lay-out - Design of logos, corporate identity, brochures, websites, advertisements, packaging...

double-id creates the right lookout for visuals to encase the message to better reach the target audience, highlighting the corporate identity with the right layout, both online and offline. It is always in line with your corporate identity, product, industry sector and values.

Inbound marketing

Situation analysis  Target audience analysis - Options evaluation - Strategy set up - Inbound consultancy

double-id is dedicated to developing inbound marketing strategies, the secret weapon to attract and retain customers. From the goals setting, to timing and tactics, we drive you to earns the attention of specific target audiences and makes your company easy to be found.

Website development & SEO

Web design mock-ups - Graphic design and website templates - Completely finished website design - SEO audit, copy, tools

At double-id, we create unique highly communicative websites, to make your company online face stronger than ever, always with the most effective visuals. A tailored keywords selection, then, enhances the brand awareness, with a first place in the online search engines.

Social media strategy

Social media strategy outline - Channel selection - Content consultancy - Monitoring, conversation management & reputation management - Support with social media advertising & campaigns

double-id develops a clear and tailored social media marketing strategy to get the most out of your company social media presence, reaching the right target audience through social network sites and convert them into real and qualitative leads.

Brand development & brand strategy

Branding analysis and evaluation - Brand design specification definition - Corporate identity development - Tailored graphic design concepts - Lay-out of all corporate documents & collaterals

double-id is the right place where to strengthen your corporate identity and make the brand recognizable everywhere. From the logo concept, to the detailed branding collaterals, we are expert in brand definition, development and management.

Video, 3D animations & photography

Photo shoots - Photos editing - Development of concept visuals - Videos & 3d Animations script, making and editing

We create images, videos and 3D animations to strengthen your corporate message, with a strong eye for details, always under a strategic communication perspective. We carry on the all process – form the script to the editing, to make it unique and recognisable.

Print production

Printing effects & quality options evaluation - Production suppliers evaluation - Production process - Final printing delivery

At double-id, we offer complete printing solutions, from the colour schemes to the production. Paper quality and innovative printing techniques – those are signs that we really care about the top quality printing services. We can solve possibly any printing services needs, thanks to partnerships with the best printers.

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