PostEurop 25th Anniversary


For PostEurop 25th anniversary, they need a powerful campaign to reaffirm the association digital presence, with a highly engaging campaign in Europe to create an emotional connection with the members.

We design the logo and the tagline and set the branding guidelines for the logo usage for the members. The logo features a contemporary green icon, 25-shaped, and the tagline in blue. We created the tagline, to have a link to the postal service, a sense of community and future achievement: “Delivering our future together.”

Logo process

Selected logo

We design one-of-a-kind personalised gift box, tailored to the event personality, complete with unique gadget selections, beautiful packaging, and unparalleled attention to branding, including: logo, tagline, chocolate bar, notebook, postcard, pin, USB card, roll-up banners, sticker. 


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