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10 resolutions for 2018 MARKETING

The time has come: this 2017 is ending and a new fabulous year is about to start. The holiday spirit is among us, together with a great amount of snow. It is time to smile, be together and celebrate the start of a new powerful year.

It is funny how this period always seems a natural time to reset and make important changes. I could bet you already have in mind your own resolutions list for next year, but in case you don’t, I share here a list you can take inspiration from!

  1. Define your target properly Being everything to everyone is the formula for secure failure! There’s nobetter time to re-examine your target. You need to identify who you are really trying to target: types of clients, size of donors, partners, and so on. This first month of 2018 should be about working around who your ideal persona isand tailoring your marketing message content production, offers, and email and social strategies on it.

  2. Communicate with infographics In case you missed it: visual content is a very big deal in marketing since few years. Information design is here to stay and will ensure you the bestreadability and the most effective communication. So, put some budget on information design and infographics: this type of content is more likely to be shared on social media and it has a high engaging power!

  3. Invest in live streaming Video live streaming is starting to be very easy to implement: it is going to be one of the most popular content type across all sort of social media in this 2018. Marketers started to embrace this as one of their primary content types in their strategy. So, just jump of the live streaming trend, and engage your target in a more effective way!

  4. Look at your best Take a moment to look around you before you go on holiday: is your marketing material current and consistent? If it’s been a while since you refreshed it, it might be time for a little review: let’s revamp that old brochure and those dated leaflets! Let’s make it real in 2018: make all your marketing collaterals to be up to date both in content and design, so you can presentyour organisation in the brightest light!

  5. Go big: revamp your website If you didn’t do it in 2017, make it the website redesign to be your long-term resolution for 2018. You can have the best strategy in terms of content, but if your website looks outdated or offers a poor user experience, people will not stay. You might start with a little “web decluttering”, and finally go for a redesign!

  6. Go bigger: rebrand! Be honest: do you think your brand been around for a way too long? It happens very often that a brand is comfy on its image, but unfortunately, it’s no longer clear what the brand really is about. Well, in 2018 there is no room for lethargy: let’s refocus and rebrand! Make it happens: give a fresh face to your company or association! Plan it in the next two months and launch it in Spring!

  7. Adjust your social media strategy Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are currently the undoubted kings of social media. For 2018, you should be ready to adapt and revised your social strategy. For instance, if your workflows are inconstant, set up a fixed editorial: you will have a clear guide for your efforts, that will support your planning and strategy.

  8. Take breaks together 2018 is about relationships. Put it in your daily job: every now and then, step away from work (no email, no calls, no work-related talks). Take some minutes off to talk with your colleagues: talk about you, your passions and your tastes. That could be a good resolution for you, as it was a great catch in 2017 for us! Take a break, enjoy people, turn off the brain for few minutes and then back to work! You can’t imagine how powerful it is for your daily tasks.

  9. Focus on mobile In 2018, mobiles will be one of the preferred channels for communication. Smartphones and tablets are becoming a real necessity in our daily life: we are using mobile devices more and more, purchasing, researching, enjoying content or simply communicate personally or professionally. So, 2018 will be about optimising your ongoing communication efforts for mobile, updating or strengthening your mobile presence.

  10. Try something new Follow, follow, follow the trends! That’s for sure! But, my personal advice is: don’t just follow. Do you notice what your competitors are doing? Good, sotry some new marketing tactics, maybe getting inspiration from another industry or doing something that is unexpected. Surprise your audience, your customers, your donors!

What are some marketing resolutions you’ve come up with for this year? Tell us! And if you’d like some help with planning your marketing in this upcoming 2018, we are here for you! In the meantime, let’s cheer to happiness. We wish you a very bright 2018!

by Chiara Lamacchia



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