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2018 website – DECLUTTER!

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

A new year has started, and we are all about news and resolutions. And what about your website?

January is the best time for you to start refreshing and polish your website. Don’t worry, this is not another article about getting a new website, a new design or a new content strategy. Nothing like that: this 2018 I’d like to propose to do something different: have you ever heard of website decluttering? This is the best way to start moving things up towards the change, determining priorities and build up a clear action plan!

Here we go your next 6 decluttering steps!

  1. Polish your meta descriptions – Let’s start from the very first step: meta description, that text that appears underneath the blue clickable link in a search engine results page. It is your very first contact with your users. Are you using it properly? Check it and tailor it to make the best impression ever. What are you trying to do with your website? Educating, engaging, selling? Clearly state the purpose of your website and try to understand if the meta description communicates it.

  2. Fix outdated content – analyse the content of your website and get rid of the outdated content. Any new team members? A new office? New partners? Keep your content current and alive! Delete or simply update the content so that the users have always the right information, above all, contact details!

  3. Get rid of unnecessary text – how are you describing your organisation or business? Those giant blocks of text describing your organisation, your product or your services are not read by anybody. Users nowadays are not reading anymore and if the information is not easy to find, they leave the website. Analyse the main description present on your website and try to make them short, clean, relevant and immediate to digest!

  4. Update categories – is there any tag or category that you want to add this year? Do you think that the way the content is presented throughout your blog or portfolio needs a category update? Do a categories evaluation, keeping in mind what the user will look for in your website, and then adjust your tags and categories accordingly!

  5. Check all links – Any broken link? Check it! As a user, it is annoying when a broken link occurs. Check your website every now and then, and be sure that all links are fully working: blog articles, icons, pdf downloading, external links, social media and so on. Also optimise inter-linking between your articles or other sections of your website!

  6. Clean up your CMS – your dashboard is your digital working space: are you placing the dirt under the carpet? If you have content parked as “draft” since forever, it is now time to clean it up! And that trash folder: still have old content there? Delete it permanently. A clean CMS is the secret to speed up the job and be more proactive when it comes to publishing!

These are the basics decluttering actions to do now so that your website is cleaned up for a fresh start! Repeat it every now and then to be sure to have a relevant and fresh website. Tidy up your website is the best way to have a great online presence and a clear picture of what are the changes you want to implement. A new section? A different content strategy? And, why not, a little redesign?

I am literally curious to know how this decluttering will go, so let us know how did it work well with you!

by Chiara Lamacchia



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