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5 marketing tips for your “BACK-TO-WORK”

Oh, come on! What’s that long face? Right … holidays are over! Well, consider yourself lucky, as I am about to give you a little boost and, who knows, maybe you’ll have a smile on your face again!

It’s true, the “back-to-work” is in everyone’s mind during the first weeks of September: stress, deadlines, routine. However, it’s not all is bad. Indeed!

Being back to work is synonymous of renewing, reconnection and reactivation. And obviously, it is an opportunity to do magic in terms of communications. It’s time to wake up and reconnect, to awaken your sleeping community, to engage it through original interactions, and take all the advantages of being energic and positive! This is the ideal time to communicate with your target. Potential customers or members are on the lookout for bargains and right ways to restart! It’s time to activate all your communication channels, and shine. It’s up to you to find the right combination to attract your customers and prospects, but if you do not know where to start, here are 5 delightful tips!


No matter what product or service you offer, not matter if you are an association or a company, give opportunities to your prospects.

My advice? Offer a special discount to become a member or something unique, like a special promo package, or a promo code useable till the rest of the year!


This is the perfect moment to thank your loyal customers and members, making them feel lucky, important and exclusive.

My advice? The unexpected always pays off! Think about something surprising, such as a card, a special newsletter, a small gift, a mention in your publication or online media. And if you do not have a loyalty program, it’s really time to think about it!


After the holiday period, a new year begins, and this is the best moment to tell the world what’s new. Whatever you are about to launch, communicate it loudly to your customers and prospects!

My advice? Simply communicate your news thought-out all your channels, both online or offline. And remember, it can be about everything that is relevant to you and your target: a new product, a new visual identity, a new service, a new network, a new programme, a new project, a new technology, a new legislation. If you don’t have news, you could always find a new angle to talk about you.


When was the last update of your website? Is your site optimised for mobile? Are you on social networks?

My advice? Take advantage of this period of the year to update your website and give it a more dynamic look (especially if it has not been updated for a long time). Start producing little but interesting pieces of content, with images and small videos: it creates links, provoke reactions and conversations around your company or association. And do not forget to update your social media with new cover images: it’s easy and simple!


For a moment, forget about acquiring new members or selling more products. Think about human connections and be unconditional, simply communicating your passion.

My advice? Help your customers or your members, train them, organise quick webinar or face to face meetings, give them tips to improve, share your advices. In short, communicate your passion!

Finally, it’s true holidays are a great moment to feel relaxed, and inspired! But being “back-to-work” is a great moment to wake up, move and dare with new ideas: do not be afraid to communicate with enthusiasm, energy and vitality. Welcome back to everyone!

What did you prepare for your “back-to-work”? Tell us everything!

by Chiara Lamacchia

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