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BRANDING YOUR START-UP? Consistency is a must!

Nowadays, brand consistency is an absolute necessity for a start-up and it must be developed during the pre-launching stage. But, what do "branding” and “consistency” stand for?

Branding includes your start-up style, tone, voice and personality. If you nail it, branding empowers your start-up to become a real entity in the mind of your potential customers, who will be able to start recognising your brand, in terms of identity, image, messages and, of course, products.

On the other side, you have consistency. That is basically the tool by which you as a start-up are going to get the power to substantially and effectively deliver a message to your target consumers and to stand out from the crowding market place.

There are three main hints to be consistent.

  1. GET YOUR GOALS – First and foremost, define your goals and your brand. What is your start-up about? How do you want to stand up in the market? Which is the perception you want to give? What are your brand adjectives? In simple words, you need to clearly define who you want to be and how you want to be perceived. This is the prerequisite to be consistent.

  2. GET YOUR VOICE – Establishing your voice is maybe one of the most difficult decisions to take. Your voice is your start-up personality and communication style towards your potential customers. The main question here is: how is your company? Serious and authoritarian? Powerful and energetic? Young and smart? Elegant and traditional? Eccentric and crazy? Once you define it, you get your voice. You must be sure to keep the same one across all of your communication material and activities. In other words, you must be sure to be consistent by sticking to one voice. This is how customers will remember you better.

  3. GET YOUR VISUALS – You’ve decided upon the voice your start-up is going to communicate with and now it’s time to keep your visuals consistent, establishing the boarders of your visual communication. What it is this about? It is about colours, images, shapes, design style. Independently from the channel, you must be visually consistent. From a newsletter, to a billboard campaign, from social media to printing leaflets, the visuals you use should correspond one with the other. As they say, “the devil is in the details”.

Anyway, keep an eye on the “dilution”. In fact, nothing comes that easily and here we want to give you a warning from our wise expertise!

By being present on multiple channels and employing a number of different communication tactics, your brand consistency can easily be diluted, becoming thinner and thinner. It is particularly true in the case of a start-up, that doesn’t even have either a heritage or a reputation to rely on. Furthermore, as start-uppers are usually trying to market themselves without any external consulting, there is certainly a great risk for the brand consistency to be dissolved and as for the opportunity to really empower their brand identity to be missed.

Brand consistency is the must have in the present knowledge economy! If you strengthen your brand in the pre-launching moment, it will help you develop a clear and unique identity before entering to the market and to get the most in term of relationship and networking, once you get there. So, become who you want to be, consistently being what you want to become!

Now, as a start-up, do you mind consistency? Do you have any story from your launching experience? Tell us!

by Chiara Lamacchia

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