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Communication tips for CHRISTMAS!

Christmas can do so much! It’s a magic moment for those who are selling products, as people are looking for presents! It’s a magic moment for charity associations, as more people need to do something right at the end of the year. A magic moment to think, a magic moment to say “thank you” in the proper way – a “thank you” that leaves a strong impression on people’s mind, a “merci” that makes people smile, a “dank u” that gives a reason, a “grazie” that says a lot more.

And so, Christmas holidays are here to come, and this is a very good excuse to embrace the Christmas spirit and propose some practice tips, that might be useful for you!

Have a look, take notes and try them out for your company or association, so that when Santa Claus arrives, all will be pleasantly surprised!

Let’s get dressed first!

Every detail is important, so let’s not forget about the appearance. If you are decorating the Christmas tree at home, there is absolutely no reason for you to forget to decorate your communication material. Dress up for Christmas! The holidays offer many ideas to be creative! So, we say yes to engaging, warm and colourful graphic elements that convey the joy of Christmas.

However, don’t leave this job to chance. If you want to be recognisable, there is always a brand identity to follow – Christmas it is not the moment of pure freedom in design! You need to rely on a team of great designers! It is not about placing a web banner with a Christmas ball on it – it is about dress up your brand for Christmas holiday, being recognisable and consistent!

Now, let’s go practical!

Practical tips SET 1 – Announce! Madame et Monsieur….

This is the perfect occasion for announcements! You can announce:

  • a new product or feature, sharing a demo video

  • a new endorsement, sharing a public letter from/to an MEP

  • a new partnership or member, sharing a special photo with you and your new member

  • the fact that your company is supporting a cause with a fundraising campaign

  • ! Packaging: do not forget to package it with a call to action (for example, “we are waiting for you – be part of the change” or “we make it better for you – be the first to have it!”)

Practical tips SET 2 – Behave online!

Remember that all your online channels are accessible 24/24, 7/7! You can:

  • customise a website banner with a Christmas layout

  • create a dedicated template for your newsletter

  • have a Christmas social media design, such as Facebook or Twitter cover images or a special combo picture on Instagram

  • ! in selecting stock photos for blog articles or social media posts, please choose images that refer to realistic scenarios to transmit a true and cosy feeling: don’t go for anonymous or fake pictures!

  • ! Have a look to you SEO – do not forget that research on search engines do literally explode over the Christmas period! So, you should think about optimising your content!

Practical tips SET 3 – let’s be social!

To encourage engagement during Christmas time, you can:

  • seek your audiences’ advice: “would you like to see A or B under the Christmas tree?”

  • kick-off a contest: for example, asking your users to share with you their Christmas pictures, or maybe their photos during the holidays using your products, or simply leave them free to interpret the Christmas theme, as they like, using for example a certain colour.

  • reward your customers or members loyalty by distributing coupons or giving them a chance to get a discount. I would even suggest giving something free, like a special publication for members. Everyone loves gifts!

Finally, the matchless tradition

There is nothing more valuable than a Christmas card. No matter how the communication is changing, the attitude, approach and hidden sensations behind a Christmas card are irreplaceable.

Christmas is a good opportunity to thank people and show that you value them. So, please, take some time to send each one a card with a personal message and include your business card as an invitation to stay in touch. This can be the beginning of many things for the coming year.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a very bright 2017!

by Chiara Lamacchia



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