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Corporate Values: Evidence of their importance by example

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

That was really a pleasure to hear Pierre-Yves Amaucé, Manager of La Table des Saveurs in Font-Romeu, talking about the love of his profession and especially the critical importance that the corporate values hold in the exercise of his job.

"I wish more than anything, since our restaurant opening in 2010, to transmit values to our team. They strengthened our relationship and my staff loyalty."

Since the late 80s, the majority of companies, both large and small, are looking for the delicate and indispensable exercise of defining their “Mission, Vision, Values” chart. Corporate values are far from being a theoretical and inert paper: if set correctly, these give meaning to any corporate action, boosting direct involvement and strengthening internal cohesion. It is therefore a mobilising tool, both externally and internally.

The values of the restaurant “La Table des Saveurs” are:

  • Common sense and intuition, with an unconscious hint

  • Passion for the job and willing to share

  • Innovation and adaptation. Nothing is impossible, there are only solutions

  • Solidarity, desire to work together and move forward. Developing team spirit

  • Sincerity, respect, integrity. Being fair and loyal to the team and clients

  • Will, perseverance

  • Listen: always have in mind the welfare and interests of the employees working conditions

  • Exemplary: to show that a leader must be able to perform all tasks

Nowadays, the members of the Pierre-Yves Amaucé “tribe” are living and activating these values every day. The result? A natural selection operates for recruitment: good “profiles” are attracted by “La Table des Saveurs” spirit. A beautiful dynamic in an industry as catering, where staff turnover is frequent.

An indispensable pillar regardless of the company size

Whether startups or major corporations, values allow entrepreneurs and employees to keep their very first motivations. In the hurry of everyday life, having pre-set values is what motivates and makes the team stay on course. For example, in the event of difficult decision making, as to determine if an employee has acted in a way that may harm the company, the decision-maker can easily wonder if the employee has violated the “x” value, if he/she understood and if he/she can do something to be more consistent with this value or not. The decision imposes itself.

The Lippi company (fences manufacturer – 300 employees) has placed its values at the heart of its strategy and rewards the commitment of its employees not basing this rewards on their individual results, but on their level of stick to those values: respect for others, availability and lean management (i.e. reporting malfunctions and proposing solutions). At double-id we build up our clients values. See one example we developed here: eyesHelp.

In practice: the right way, form and content

The delicate exercise of establishing corporate values can be done either by management and employees or by a specific working group led by the Head of Communication. However, an outside consultant has the advantage of bringing neutrality and flexibility to the process.

At double-id, we define our values as follows:

In addition to work on the look and attractive presentation, we show each value with a brief explanatory sentence, to clarify our interpretation of those terms.

References / Links

  • 21 online sessions (free!) To understand and practice the corporate culture : a Must-Do

  • Zappos (clothing e-commerce): an key example of respect corporate values development and respect

  • “Tribe Leadership” Dave Logan: the Bible in terms of corporate values!

And now tell us – what are the values of your company? How do they help you in everyday business? 


by Séverine Duprat



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