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Inbound Marketing: Attract your prospects like a magnet!

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

The  title may sound a bit catchy… but this is really the very first result of this new form of marketing!

If you know very little about Inbound Marketing, make yourself comfortable and read this post. You will find out your ideal marketing solution – respectful, transparent and intelligent.

Since 2006, Inbound Marketing was developed as a non-intrusive and high value-added approach to your customer. Let’s make a simple example to explain it. With the traditional marketing approach, the so-called “outbound marketing”, the company imposes its products and services via cold-calls and promotions. By doing this, the business interests of the client are not really taken into account, as the company is primarily looking for selling. With inbound marketing, the potential customers are provided with background information that enables them to analyse and understand the issue and help them solve their problem.

These contents are distributed via blogs, emails, newsletters and other white papers. If the customers are interested by one of your contents, they will be active in getting the product or service that you are offering. Therefore, the clients feel fully involved in their purchasing decision.

To get the most out of your Inbound Marketing strategy, you should implement a specific step-by-step process that can be summarised as follows:

  1. Attract your prospects (your personas) on your website, providing relevant and high quality content, optimising keywords for search engines and spreading this information via social media networks.

  2. Convert those prospects into customers via “Call-to-Action” on your website to meet your audiences needs, also taking into account the buying cycle. For example: a prospect is caught by one of your blog articles, found via Google. Here, the prospect has the option to click on the “Try for Free” button (i.e. call-to-action).

  3. Analyse the marketing process to improve the offer, measuring real-time traffic and ROI.

This marketing strategy is undoubtedly the most respectful solution towards your customers. It recognises that everyone has the means to make a good and well-grounded decision. Last but not least, it requires little financial investment and it has high levels of flexibility, as it is possible to see in real time what is working and what you should adjust.

Purchasing clients versus acquiring them. You choose.


by Séverine Duprat



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