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Innovation finds “the right one” – Value-driven Marketing!

Marketing and communications are changing every day, as people, as fashion. As innovation, which is going faster than ever. Well, it seems innovation has found the right marketing model to marry up!

Let’s have a quick marketing evolution overview!

  • Marketing 1.0 – Product-focus Approach At the beginning, marketing was focusing on the product, its unique features and advantages. That was the son of the Industrial revolution! Companies were talking to mass buyers, taking into account only their physical needs.

  • Marketing 2.0 – Customer-focus Approach Then, Information Technology came. Companies started to apply computers to their business activities, storing large amounts of data. From these data, they started to understand the importance of the customer, as an individual with mind and heart. The emotional variable within the selling process became key. That was a proper revolution within the marketing approach!

  • Marketing 3.0 – Value-driven Approach Now, as technology and innovation move fast, marketing is increasingly changing its shape and putting the accent on “value creation”. Let’s welcome the Value-driven Marketing. The approach is simple – you have to generate a strong value in your clients’ business, customers’ lives or members’ status – this is how you cultivate lifetime customers and members loyalty.

The majority of marketers describe it as a complete shift in the way you operate your communication activities. However, we somehow already experience it – some concepts related to this new form of marketing are already well known! It is very balanced marketing approach, which is improving the way we can approach clients and other businesses. You have to know your customers’ needs & wants – that is one of the key principles of the customer-driven marketing. The role of the customer and the one of the product is not really changing. The customer is actively judging your product or services and its value, and this is happening since always (maybe a bit secretly at the beginning). The fact that companies have now a heritage and a corporate culture is a trend started years ago. And their commitment to sustainability and environment? This is result of this Era – we are all becoming somehow conscious of our actions consequences and we are trying to fix it.

Marketing as a new form of entrepreneurship. I think there is only one factor that is making this new approach revolutionary. The most interesting and powerful trait is the fact that you should be committed to seek new ways to add value to your clients or members, everyday. The way you have to develop and promote this value – that has changed! Potentially, it means a lot: new forms of collaborations between enterprises, associations, states, customers. It allows reciprocity and new types of business relationships – that is why this approach is very flexible and innovative. In order to generate new strong value for your customer, you will find innovative solutions – and here you have the innovation process. This marketing approach marries up completely with the innovation and its needs and speed.

A tangible example! Now, maybe you are trying to figure out what the value-driven marketing is all about… and I have an example, which I believe is the best implementation of this new marketing approach! Let’s meet Sennheiser, an innovative and cutting-edge audio company specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality products, including headphones, microphones and accessories for professionals, business applications and end consumers. The followings are pragmatic examples to understand what value-driven really means!

Now, what do you think about this Value-driven marketing approach? Do you want to commit to incorporate it into your communication strategy?

by Chiara Lamacchia

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