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Spring is all about COLOURS!

Rebranding? Launching a new website? Create a new brochure? Spring is here and it’s time to think about colours!

For communications professionals, colours have a high value as these can easily interact with emotions, mind and mood of the audiences. We all feel colours. There are some shades that make us be nostalgic, some other that give us energy. Colours are communicating a lot about people, companies or products and balancing them help you communicate the right message. The more relevance we give to colour choices, the better we develop effective messages, reminding us that every colour has different effects depending on the context in which it is inserted (marketing material, country, tradition, situations).

The real question is: where to start? Today I want to give you an idea to start getting into the rich world of colours. I’d like to give you a little hint of colour selections and describing you the 4 colours clusters. In this way you can start pulling together colours, shapes, patterns, imagery styles to communicate your message: it is all about linking your message, your brand image and a specific set of colours.

When talking about colours, there are four main groups, that we can call “personalities”. Which is your brand fitting in? First, you need to clearly define your intention, your message, your aim. Then you can easily link the personality that better describe and communicate it, so that it will be irresistible for your audiences!

In fact, if you identify the main personality of your brand, you will get a neat and solid framework with which to move forward. To be clear, it is never about whether you like a colour or not: it is about brand personality and right colour palette, so the best advice is: don’t follow your personal taste, follow the personality vibe!

• Energetic, creative, inspirational – your brand is bursting with energy. It is warm, approachable and fun. Your aim is to be perceived as spontaneous, genuine, proactive and innovative. Colour keywords: light, bright, warm, soft, delicate, intense pastel Best shape: circles and curve

• Organised, elegant, sophisticated – your brand is all about efficiency, intuition and caring. You’d like to be perceived as graceful, excellent with details. Your organisation has high responsibilities and it is highly professional. – Colour keywords: cool, delicate, soft, classy, painterly watercolours – Best shape: floating and unstructured patterns

• Warm, passionate and simple – your brand has a passionate and warm attitude. You have a strong interest for nature, education and knowledge, always inquiring. You want of be perceived as a hard worker, creating new and better ways of doing things. Education is important to them and they have a great love of books and the arts. – Colour keywords: warm, intense, organic, earthy, solid – Best shape: squared figures but with rounded corners

• Minimalistic, professional and uncompromising – your brand or industry sector is about excess. Pioneering, dynamic, luxurious or even modest and approach-focused. In any case, you want to be perceived as high quality, compelling, unique, focused on tasks and excellent execution. – Colour keywords: bright, intense, clear, cool – Best shape: clean lines and geometric cuts

Once you identify the colours personality you have an entire world where to find the tight colour palette to communicate a clear intention, a univocal message and a confident brand personality. Most of the time a brand includes values and core activities that needs to be addressed by specific colours, not counting one of the most crucial analysis in identifying a colour palette: competitors!

This is the most difficult aspect of creating a fully working colour palette. It’s a question of strategy, time (a lot of time!), brainstorming, tones and shades evaluation and experience!

What is your personality? If you need a colour palette, we are here to help!

by Chiara Lamacchia



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