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The main 5 reasons to HIRE AN AGENCY

I’ve been confronted with a very sensitive question lately: “why would I hire a communications agency when I can do it myself?”. At the end of the day, the truth is that an amateur job looks like an amateur job. If you try doing it yourself, you’ll inevitably end up with weak material, missed opportunities, and other elements that will make it clear to everyone you did it yourself. I want to underline to you the big 8 reasons why you might want to consider hiring a communications agency.

  1. Lack of politics

When talking of hiring an agency, one aspect that have never been highlighted is about the lack of politics. After years working with different clients, I can certainly say that office politics or internal politics between departments is a major issue that nobody really like to talk about. Some things are inevitable: many organisations have some sort of internal political struggles as people inevitably have different incentives, interests, conflicts and challenges. A professional agency faces it, with neutrality and are the neutral third-party to provide services, without useless political questions.

  1. Management

Professional agencies have seen the best and the worst of “client types”. They’ve probably been in the worst-case-scenario situations many time, with incredible almost artistic deadline, and a wider series of problems and riddles. The guidance that a professional agency can give you makes the overall process easier, as most probably the agency has trained and experienced professionals that can handle issues and situations in the most effective way.

  1. Innovation

Agencies have usually different experiences with different clients, often in different industry sectors. This experience means for you an open window to a wider and complementary set of knowledge, that is representing even more than what you need. You do not risk stagnant approaches, and the boundaries of possibilities will be push for the best result. Professional agencies have knowledge about what strategies have (or haven’t) worked for other clients by working across different clients and industries. A professional agency will be able to offer you a team that is proposing you intelligent and well-calibrated solutions for your needs, following prevailing trends that you cannot possibly be aware of.

  1. Affordability

Yes, you hear that well! As much as astonishing it can seem, this is actually it: in-house teams can be more expensive than hiring a professional agency. Think about one project, one campaign, a website redesign or a rebranding. Now, list all the roles you need to fill and think how much would take to hire each one of these professionals: a lot of time and a lot of money. Not counting the coordination between these professionals, and the chances that they are working well together. A professional agency provides you with a complete set of competences and skills: consultants, designer, copyrighter, translators, developers and so on. They will take care of everything, providing a full team for you: that is why, at the end of the day, it’s often less expensive to opt for a communications agency.

  1. Precision and Accuracy

A professional agency always prides itself on precision. Accuracy and precision in managing and executing each and every project are essential keys to clients’ retention, and a high professional agency knows it very well. This is why, once an agency comes on board, it will put all its knowledge, tools and expertise to deliver the job to perfection. This means that an agency will look at your job under multiple points of view, spotting mistakes, inconsistencies and weaknesses: all these are terms associated with failing companies and associations, and are highly detrimental for any brand.

Ultimately, my answer to “why would I hire a communications agency?” is this: by having an agency on your side, you have a partner.

How many times do you walk through the shopping streets city and you’re captured from those beautiful and detailed shopping windows, treated in every detail, where everything makes sense.

And how many other times you don’t even enter in a shop just because the shopping window is bare and sad? How many times you as a business or association try to communicate your message, but it is never perceived correctly and all the effort you have done, vanishes in the sky? How many times you find yourself at the end of the working day, still think about “how to make a website” or googling “how to use a Facebook page”, “creation of business cards online”, “how to print a flyer” and so on?

Having a complete communication agency on board means having a partner, who can show you the right path to express everything you want to say through your company or association, making your work easier, less stressful, and fun!

What are your experiences with agencies? Have you find your right partner?

by Chiara Lamacchia



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